Is Your Print a Puzzle?

Is Your Print a Puzzle?

How does your print look? Where do you place it? Is it with around 5 different suppliers…?

How does your print lookWhere do you place it? Is it with around 5 different suppliers…?

…if so there are huge improvements you could be making by switching to a print management company such as Blue Star Print Solutions.

There are many downsides to placing your print with many suppliers, a few of them are:

  • Time Management – your time could and should be used for working on your business. Not spent searching or phoning loads of suppliers to try to get the best quote. You see, while you may save £10 on a quote – how long has it taken you to save that money?
  • Brand Management – Your print and brand are at risk from colour inaccuracy. You see all these suppliers will run to different tolerances on their machinery. Your brand colour is important to your business and should be consistent across all your printed material and marketing. The best way to achieve this is to transfer the procurement of your printed material to a print management company such as Blue Star Print Solutions. Who will not only look after your brand but ensure you’re getting the most out of your marketing and your time. (we do other stuff too.. but check out our site for that).
  • Cost-Benefit – not only do we save you money on your printed material but by using one company to source your print you’re also effectively managing your cash flow. You see – whilst the majority of online printers you come across nowadays can offer cheap print, where you have no control after you press the order button, they also require payment upfront. This means you not only have to sit and type your credit card details into each supplier you order with – it also means that money has gone straight from your account. With Blue Star Print Solutions – consolidating all your print requirements under one roof can help in managing your cash flow.
  • Operational Improvement – so you’ve improved on time and money.. how about we save you all that phoning round or emailing over to so many different people! Well choosing a print management company such as Blue Star Print Solutions will give you a one-point contact for ALL this. The improvement we can make by providing you with better information and control leaves you feeling more in control than ever on your printed material.

We’re offering a FREE ‘Print Economy’ Audit to businesses over the next couple of months. In this we analyse what you’re spending on print between a set period – the specification of the print you’ve received against that ordered and if you’re either paying too much or there are improvements that can be made we will suggest these in the FREE Report we give you after our analysis. If you seriously want to save some money in your business I would definitely suggest getting in touch now to get your hands on your very own Print Economy Audit.

PS.. the savings usually made are between 13-40% annually… what does that equate to in your business?

PPS.. I won’t be able to offer the Print Economy audit to a huge amount of businesses – purely based on the in-depth nature of the report – so get in touch quickly before it’s too late!

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