Why print management is like your favourite supermarket!

Why print management is like your favourite supermarket!

Why Print Management is like your favourite supermarket!

It often occurs to me when people question Print Management companies or even Print Brokers. The process isn’t too far from people shopping in their local supermarkets.. yet there seems to be more of a hesitation to use a Print Management company than a supermarket? Lets have a look at the similarities..

You use your local supermarket because…

  • It’s close to where you live… convenient?
  • They have everything you need so you don’t need to go to multiple shops… saving you time?
  • Their pricing (although not the cheapest) is fair and you’re happy to pay?
  • Their products are always of good quality?

However, these supermarkets aren’t necessarily the manufacturers of the items you buy, they just stock them for you (having bought them off the manufacturers). The same can be said for print management companies – whilst we don’t manufacture the items, we’ve chosen them carefully based on your needs. This is like passing someone your shopping list and having them do all the hard work for you (a bit like online shopping now).


We also love the fact it’s so convenient to use us! Call us up, email us, use your online portal to order or enquire about any print item and you’ll be sorted in a matter of minutes

Time Saving

If you’re not having to search through loads of printers and email/phone each one, imagine how much time you’ll be saving! Time you would’ve wasted doing exactly what it is we do, we place your enquiry with up to 6 specially selected manufacturers (who are suitable for the item you require) and then select the one to produce your item from those that respond.

Fair Pricing

We add our years of experience to make sure you’re getting the best print for the fairest and most sustainable price. It’s our responsibility as Print Management companies to make sure we’re looking after not only our customers, but our suppliers too. Without these great printers, none of us would have any print at all. By making sure our pricing is fair and within market conditions, we can also make sure you don’t get a surprise the next time you need to re-order.

Good Quality

It’s the cornerstone of good print and a great return. If your marketing is of good quality, this will send quality (subconscious) signals to your prospective customers. We wouldn’t want any of our customers to receive sub standard print, which is why we treat every job as if it was one of our own.

So if your print shopping list is weighing heavy on your mind and you’d like your very own personal shopper to take care of it for you, then just pass it to us. Think of us as your very own print personal shopper.

If you’d like to know more about how we help businesses with print solutions, get in touch now or visit these helpful pages:



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