Why Choose Print Management?

Why Choose Print Management?

There can be confusion when you’re buying print as to what a print management business can bring to your business that a printer cannot. Well firstly there are a number of businesses that can call themselves Print Management Companies.

Print Managers – Some printers call themselves this – as quite correctly, they manage your print from start to finish, but on their own presses. This can sometimes lead to jobs being produced on the incorrect press, which can, in turn, lead to higher prices.

Print Management Companies with Presses – These businesses funnily enough have their own presses! They send the work to fill these first as capacity needs to be at approx 80%+, so empty space costs money. They can usually procure and manage work for other items as well.

Independent Print Management – This is where Blue Star Print Solutions lies. As an independent print management business we aren’t tied to our own presses and we’re here to add value to your business. We can offer independent consultancy, advice, purchasing, project management, and a huge range of other value-added services to your businesses.

To read more about Print Management – what it is, what we do and how we can add value to your business – take a look at our website page “Why Print Management”

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