Augmented Reality – How you can use it in your printed brochures?

Augmented Reality – How you can use it in your printed brochures?

A great new market is opening up in the form of Augmented Reality.

Most people will be familiar with the Moonpig advert on TV for their video cards. The principle is the same – but augmented can take it a little further – by bringing up (in some cases) the whole Hollywood Mountain right on your smartphone or tablet screen!

Augmented Reality App
Augmented reality has tonnes of uses within the print and marketing sector – Tesco use it on their advertising boards so their offers pop out of the boards and onto their customer’s phones. The same can be said for Domino’s Pizza who use this on bus stop boards as well.

Coming right up-to-date and you can see augmented reality used in the TV show ‘Double your House for half the money’ with Sarah Beeny. She uses the tech to show how rooms could be put to better use.

Think of how this could be put to use within your print! Let’s say, for example, you have products to sell, you have a VERY expensive showroom to present your products but find it hard to entice customers that live a little further away to buy. From your printed brochures those very same customers could, by using augmented reality, have the actual item pop up in front of them. Mini did this years ago with the launch of a new Mini, used in Germany this advert was on the back of a magazine and when scanned brought up their new car right there in your hands (only a little smaller!).

Mini Augmented Reality Augmented Reality from Mini Germany

Do you have an area in your business you could use augmented reality? How could you use it within your marketing plan to bring attention to your products?

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