Show Me The Money!

There are many ways to improve the return on your printing and; hopefully in turn, reduce the cost of your print. The biggest and most often overlooked area is outsourcing.

Blue Star Print Solutions are here as your outsourced print provider. We understand the manufacturing process of your printed items which means we can help get the most from your marketing or business critical print and it’s budget.

There are 4 areas of the Audit

Step 1


What you're having printed

Step 2


How you're buying your print.

Step 3


Who/Where you're buying
your print from.

Step 4

Report &

Final findings, improvements
and savings.

Who is the audit perfect for?

Multi-Site or Franchised Businesses

Businesses with complex requirements

Companies with a large print usage

Businesses with a range of printed brochures

If you're interested in taking up a Print Economy Audit to find out how your business can...

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