Why Outsource Your Print?

Outsourcing = Positive Business Practise

"The growth of outsourcing as a strategic business tool demonstrates the commitment of UK business to remove excess costs and to divest themselves of non-core processes."

Outsourcing business processes is driven by the need to focus on money and systems/processes. This means you’re able to defend a competitive edge and respond effectively to change or opportunity.
Outsourcing isn’t a new phenomenon, it’s a proven process to reduce cost while taking advantage of expertise in non-core business areas
But where does print outsourcing or outsourced printing fit into the business mix?

Practical Business Management

Over 85% of companies do not know how much print costs them (source: IPIA). 

Why is this..?

1. ‘Print’ is a very diverse product. It covers functional, marketable, financial and critical print needs.
2. Because of its diversity, ‘print’ is purchased and used by many within an organisation.
3. The true cost of print is absorbed and hence hidden into several different cost centres.

‘Print’ is seen as a result of a need rather than a business process that can be improved.

Over 70% agree that print is an area that should be investigated and outsourced, but they don’t have the time or expertise to carry out the exercise … we do!

What’s the true cost of print in your company?
How can you find out?
Where do you start?

It’s been estimated that the true ‘cost of print’ equates to around 3% of a company’s total revenue.

Print Costs

Blue Star Print Solution’s core business is print management. We have outsourced all non-core processes, which means our only focus is on minimising your print costs whilst maximising efficiency and quality for our clients.

We believe that by working in partnership with us to outsource your print we can reduce costs, wastage and enhance the quality of your printed material.

To aid in the discovery of areas for improvement, we use our Print Economy Audit.

The Print Economy Audit and How It Works

The print economy audit is a system focused on reducing the total print costs affecting your company. It provides unbiased analysis on areas of your business that use or purchase print. The Audit follows a proven critical analysis path: We analyse which printed items have been ordered and used by your company. We’ll detail and offer alternative pricing, product specification and order scheduling (where applicable) for your comparison as well as providing a like for like quote on all previous print jobs. We investigate who orders what, when and why to enable us to suggest and offer a more streamlined approach to managing your print. We review your supplier base to see exactly how many suppliers your company has used for its printing needs. From this we can propose a reduction in vendors, thus leveraging purchasing power with fewer, more suitable and efficient suppliers. 

Finally, we produce a document based on our findings which charts a more effective procurement model to reduce your total annual print spend. This report includes monitoring and where appropriate, reporting on all of those ‘forgotten costs’ that are absorbed somewhere within your organisation, but will all impact on the total price you pay for print, for example, design & storage.

The Benefits

We recognise that every company is different and that there’s no such thing as ‘one size fits all’.
Your report will be as individual as you are, being tailored to meet your current and future business goals.

Our aim is to give you as much critical and relevant information as possible on the total cost of print within your company… and what you can do to help reduce it.

The print economy audit presents a full and impartial report covering your basic known print spend. In addition, we account for areas where ‘hidden and forgotten’ costs are incurred within your company’s total print procurement processes such as:

Below are some of the major benefits that Blue Star Print Solution’s clients have achieved by following the Print Audit recommendations:

If you’d like to find out how much resources and associated costs you could free up by switching to Blue Star Print Solutions, simply get in touch by filling out the form

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