What can we design for you today?

It may be ink on paper – but the way that ink is laid onto the paper plays an extremely important part in achieving the results you’re aiming for. Whether you’re a new start-up or an established business, either looking for a new piece of marketing or you’re in need of a refresh on your existing designs, Blue Star Print Solutions can help. For our customers who have a clear idea of what they require, but don’t posses the correct software or skills, our designers will turn your initial idea into a polished, print ready piece of artwork. For basic graphic design, you should create a design brief or sketches and forward it to us via email so we can take a look through what you require and we’ll come back to you with a great quotation. There are numerous ways you can create some ‘rough and ready’ piece of artwork using a Word, Publisher or Powerpoint file – even a basic paint program will help. This will give us a basic understanding of what is required. You can even send us a simple hand-drawn sketch on the back of a napkin! Along with your brief, please provide copies of any images or logos that are to be used in the design as well as any specific font names. We will check the quality of these images and logos so we can advise if the quality is suitable for print. If there should be problems with images or logos, we can quote at this stage for redrawing of logos or sourcing of new images. This is ideally suited for customers who know their time is best spent working ON their business and not in it. Also we value our customers time and know that our customers time is precious. For concept design work, our design team will discuss with you your requirements, in detail, before we proceed and create multiple concepts to send over to you. From the initial graphic design concepts, you will be able to select your preferred design which can be refined until we reach your perfect piece. Concept based graphic design is a more involved process than straight-forward artwork re-setting due to the timescales involved in producing multiple layouts for evaluation. To get in touch with us for a quote on either basic or concept artwork, please call on +44(0)1933 698 123 or email us at [email protected]

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