Do YOU do cheap?…

Do YOU do cheap?…

… It still surprises me that ‘cheap’ is a term most businesses aspire to when they describe themselves.

In research and reading throughout my day – I’m constantly reading about business owners who put lines such as ‘if you want cheap web design, come to us’ or how about ‘cheap print’?

In business. If you are to ever survive the price driven buyers, where everyone will clamber over the previous person to do it cheaper – then you need to be aware of the value you provide – not just the items you create/design/source. There is always someone that is looking to compromise on your quality to get a lower price.

So are you cheap? Or do you accept that there will be people cheaper than you and are ok with that?
Let me know via comments below or via twitter #imnotcheap @BlueStarPrint_.

Remember its not always a good thing to be the cheapest out there. Providing quality of goods and service is of utmost importance these days. It’s what will make you stand out from the hoards of ‘cheapest is best’ businesses out there.

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