P.I.Y. Print it Yourself

P.I.Y. Print it Yourself

Are you someone that prefers to print items yourself? 
Have you started in business and already run off a sheet of business cards on your desktop printer? The last time you needed some flyers – did you run those on the same printer?

Print it Yourself
Print it Yourself

Do you think this adequately represents you or your business? There are 2 main reasons against why you shouldn’t run items off on your own printer that are meant to represent your business:

  1. the cost of your ink cartridges and correct paper is actually (per unit) much more than having items printed for you by a professional.
  2. the quality of print is hugely different to professional print machines (both digital & lithographic). As well as the finishing of an item (trimmed neatly & all to the same size).

The age of digital print now means that even if you are starting off in business and don’t need a huge quantity, that you don’t have to compromise on quality.

So don’t PIY – call us and you may just be surprised at the cost of quality.

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