Passing a Job on Press

Passing a Job on Press

Or Press Passing as it’s known.
It’s the method of checking a job while it’s being printed. We do this to ensure tight control to the job in hand – usually only done for large runs or brand specific/complicated pieces, either ourselves or the customer would check the following things.

Passing a job on press
Press Pass in action

Bearing in mind you will have already received a ripped pdf proof to check for content etc – you should look out for:

• Any changes to that signed off.
• Layout & backup (backup is the reverse of the sheet) Check for alignment & colour consistency.
Colour (press minders will have on hand a Pantone reference book or a pass sheet/running sheet from a previous job of yours – if needed take in a previous printed copy.
• If you are having any special options ‘inline’ then check these are functioning (e.g. Spine Gluing, Perforation, Spot Coating, Stitching & Folding)

If you’re passing the complete job – this is the part where you’ll take a seat for a bit – carry on with some work via the guest WiFi access and wait to be called when your job is off the press and ready for finishing.

Again check each stage on the finishing process, as they make ready you can be there to add the final word as to whether the item is as you need it to be:
• If laminated – check the quality – is it smooth, make sure there are no bubbles.
• Check the folding – is it straight?
• If Stitched, check them – are they correctly placed?
Trimming, is it square? Has something been trimmed incorrectly?

Once finished – you’ll want to check to make sure your items are being packed correctly and then labelled ready for shipment. Of course – if you’re buying print and are not sure on the items to check. Give Blue Star Print Solutions a call – we can handle your project from design to delivery.

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