Print Freedom

Print Freedom

What is Print Freedom I hear you shout! Well, Print Freedom is what everybody has the ability to achieve and can lead to some serious time savings if done correctly.

Think back to the last time you ordered some print – did you spend a while looking around online to find the cheapest site or a site that didn’t look too suspect to order your print from? Maybe you have someone you already go to for your print? But think about whether either of these areas are actually saving you money.
There was an instance of someone in a business ordering print, a salesman I seem to remember – he had a quote given to him straight away for the item – but thought “Hang on! I wonder if I can get it cheaper…” 4 hours later – he runs up to his boss and claims “Great News! I’ve saved £10 on that first quote!”.
He couldn’t work out why his boss was less than pleased with this!
Print Freedom is within everyones reach. Combining knowledge of the market, industry and products is what will eventually save money on your items. Take us for example – we’re not tied to a specific press – which means we can direct your job to the specific press intended for it.
We’d love to hear from you if you have any instances similar to the above and how you overcame it.

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