QR Codes – Quick Overview

QR Codes – Quick Overview

• QR Code stands for Quick Response Code, it’s intended to allow it’s contents to be decoded at high speed.

• A QR code is a matrix code (or 2-dimensional bard code) created by Japanese corporation Denso Wave in 1994.

• The use of the QR code is free of any licence, clearly defined and published as an ISO standard.

• Back in 2010 QR codes were more common in Japan, and were the most popular type of two-dimensional codes. This was largely driven by the fact that most Japanese mobile phones can read this code with their mobile phones. Luckily this is now pretty standard with UK smartphones.

• So what can you do with a QR code? Well, it’s not only restricted to URLs or PURLS.. you can send an email – create a text message or as a contact card.

• If you want to start using QR codes – it couldn’t be easier. Search for a simple QR Code generator and get creating. If you need help – we’ll always be here to help where we can.

This space is left for the first person to comment on how they’ve started using QR codes in their material – and how it’s helped them. You’ll get the choice of your website or Twitter QR code to display here. Just leave which one you want with your comment.

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