Glastonbury Free Press First Issue

purple fireworks effect

2013’s Glastonbury saw the release of their first on-site newspaper ‘The Glastonbury Free Press’. It was the local newspaper for the Festival, printed on site using vintage letterpress technology.

Such a Creep…

white paper folders with black tie

… If the title had you wondering, then don’t worry – this Blog post is all about a print term called ‘creep’ or push out or shingling or even feathering. If you’re not sure what creep is then i’ll try and explain that first. Imaging you’re printing a stitched brochure – a reasonable amount of […]

The Power of the Printed Word – Newsletters

Printed Newsletters

“The single most effective tool you can use to build PROPER Relationships with your customers.” Nigel Botterill If you currently send out email marketing or similar. Is there anything stopping you having a hard copy of what you send & posting that out as well? You could use the e-marketing to supplement the printed edition & provide even more information to your customers! A printed […]