Theo Paphitis Chooses Blue Star Print Solutions for SBS

Theo Paphitis Chooses Blue Star Print Solutions for SBS

Imagine the scene… It’s Monday evening (4th March) at around 20:16 – I was just about to finish for the day when my email refreshed. I thought I’d take one quick look to see if there was anything on there that I could get sorted tonight or at least add to my ‘to do’ list for tomorrow.

I saw around 5 emails of Tweets come through scanning down the small list – I noticed the first one that came in had a familiar name at the start.

Retweet by Theo Paphitis

My tweet was: @TheoPaphitis Northants print provider. Producing printed happiness for customers #SBS #YourPrintOurPassion

FANTASTIC! I had been entering the #SBS tweets for months prior to actually getting this, but what a great feeling it was when I saw my tweet had been re-tweeted by the Dragon’s Den star himself.

As soon as the RT had been placed and confirmation that I was one of the lucky 6 that Theo Paphitis had chosen for the Small Business Sunday retweet, messages from all over Twitter started to deliver from people congratulating me on a successful tweet.

It’s great news and I’ll certainly be trying to use the exposure that this will bring wisely. I’ll keep you up-to-date with things that go on and how the SBS win has helped.

If you’re new to #SBS then take a look at our webpage on the details – simply click here.

Feel free if you’re not already connected with us on Twitter to connect now – @BlueStarPrint_

Blue Star Print Solutions wins Theo Paphitis retweet on #SBS 3rd March 2013

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