What IS all the difference between prices…?

What IS all the difference between prices…?

So you’ve been searching for the best quote you can find (naughty naughty, you shouldn’t be doing this… read here why!). You’ve got all these prices in from different printers and wondered why they’re so varied…!

Well lets use a car analogy to try to help ease the explanation.

A car is a car right? In its most basic of forms a car has a place where you can sit, a steering wheel to help you guide it, a set of pedals… oh and 3 or more wheels…! So every car is the same right? Wrong! There are literally hundreds of cars to choose from when you’re looking to buy.

The same can be said for Print. Yes, in it’s simplest of forms print is all the same – it puts your message onto material. BUT, if you’re buying print – you need to be aware of the press it’s going on… is it Lithographic or Digital.. maybe its promotional print – is it Screen or Digital? Inside each of these categories there are separate subheadings to each of these processes (if it’s digital – what resolution does it print at? What kind of colour are they able to achieve, what press is it going on – is it new or is it old, has it been maintained well? I could go on…

So while you may be looking at various prices that all look to be for the same thing they can actually be produced on so many varied machines – the price is, as they say, what you pay for. All I’m aiming to do in this post – is raise awareness of a seemingly long forgotten asset of quality. Don’t be fooled by cheap. Always check WHY it’s cheap.

Think of it along these lines… would Jenson Button arrive at an F1 Grand Prix in a three wheeled car?

Your print is the same.. although stripped away all the components are there – the end result won’t be winning any races!

Just so you know.. Blue Star Print Solutions doesn’t produce poor or substandard print – all our suppliers have been checked against accredited quality standards. We take your work and our quality extremely seriously.

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