Cut Out The Noise – Too Much Print Choice is a Bad Thing!

Cut Out The Noise – Too Much Print Choice is a Bad Thing!

It’s Ear Muff day today. Which I thought was a perfect analogy for this post!

You see, there are thousands of printers out there and the age of the internet has only made these (and more) much more accessible.. but is that a good thing?

We do our research on the common problems buyers face with their print, and the number 1 issue….
… What to choose

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Surely More Print Choice Equals More Sales?

Not at all, people don’t want to be bombarded with so many options it makes a choice almost impossible. BUT, this doesn’t only relate to print! If your business offers multiple options of the same product to your customers, have you tried scaling these down? Use tracking – maybe some of the options don’t sell as well as you think they do.

What can I do?

Find out what doesn’t sell, remove them or re-package them up in a different way (I’m not talking packaging, just the way you describe them or if you could add something to them). Make the choice of items easier for your customer. You may find you actually sell more this way. Someone once said.. “do the hard work that makes the selling easy.” Are you doing all you can to make sure you’re items are the ones chosen by your customer?

Anyway… back to print… The benefit for our customers is that we wade through all of these available options for them and choose the most suitable for the product and the use. So our customers don’t have to worry about the vast amount of print options out there.

If you feel overwhelmed by your print and would like to know how to get more time back into your day have a quick read here.

At Blue Star Print Solutions. we love helping people improve their print life. It’s what we do!

Here’s to your print freedom

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