Digital Texture Printing

Digital Texture Printing

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could feel your print as well as see it. Well with advances in digital printing – it’s now possible for that exact thing.

   Lets say you were printing a picture of an Orange, there’d be no reason why you couldn’t incorporate the texture of an orange peel into your artwork so you can stimulate the sense of touch as well as sight with your next marketing piece.. or lets say your business is reptiles.. there’s nothing stopping you adding the scaly skin from a reptile onto a picture to really make them come to life. The possibilites can only be limited by your imagination. Together with Digital personalisation the possibilities that your next direct mail campaign could really jump out to your customers could be too big to ignore.

If you’d like more information on texture printing just drop us an Email or call us with your questions or items that you’re thinking of and we’ll help you along the whole process.


[email protected] or 01933 698 123.

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