Folding & Creasing

Folding & Creasing

Often overlooked – an area of your print job that should always be considered is your finishing.

The small details can sometimes make (or break) your printed marketing. Here we’re going to take a quick look at why & when to crease, along with some standard folds.

There’s many ways your print can be folded. The most common folds are shown in the image below.

If you’re job is being printed on a coated paper of around 170gsm and above or you have a lot of ink over the fold, you should look to get this creased before it’s folded to prevent it from ‘cracking’ down the fold (or at least to lessen the impact). This involves altering the paper’s structure to allow the paper to bend the way you want it to (we could get technical talking about delamination, but there’s no need).

There’s no way to avoid cracking totally on a plain sheet. If you’re concerned about it and you have a lot of ink in your piece, you may want to consider lamination which will hold the fibres of the sheet together when you laminate and crease ready for the fold.

Folding Guide - Standard Print folds

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