Getting back to business

Getting back to business

Now we’re starting to see more and more easing measures put into place how are you planning to grow your business? Perhaps you’ve noticed the down-turn, maybe some customers of yours have unfortunately had to close?

Now everyone’s starting to see more easing measures put into place, are you planning to grow your business? Perhaps you’ve noticed the downturn, maybe some customers of yours have unfortunately had to close?

How will you be spending your days now you’re all back in the office? You certainly don’t want to be spending time searching for print. Your’s and your staff’s time should be invested in growing your business and adding everything you can to your bottom line. You don’t want to be chasing up printers for quotes or designers for artwork amends or, searching all your hard drives for artwork. When you could be spending that time getting back up to speed.

If you’re currently struggling when buying print then try these few steps.

  1. Keep a central and shared storage space for your files. Make sure they’re marked up with version numbers and dates. This will help shave those precious minutes off when trying to search for correct artwork.
  2. Make sure you keep relevant and up-to-date pricing and quotes with the artwork. If you’re tech-savvy, then create a spreadsheet with filenames, version names, quote references, suppliers, and links to all relevant documents.
  3. Make sure you’re asking your printer the most important question.. “What’s the best way to produce my (insert name of print)?”. It won’t guarantee that your item will be produced as best it could (printers need to fill their own equipment after all).
  4. You could always leave all the above to a print management company. They have systems in place to store job details and artwork files along with version control. If you use an independent print management company, then you can also be sure that you’re having your items produced the best possible way (they don’t have any bias or machines of their own to fill). They’re also experts in print, which means they can process your job quicker and know any potential pitfalls.

As part of our commitment to helping UK businesses get back to the new norm, our customers benefit from using their own branded Print Portal to amend, order, or call off their print. We make it as easy as possible for our customers to order the print they need to advertise their product or services and get business through the door.

Something as simple as a business card can take days to sort out if you’re waiting for a designer to come back to you with the artwork and then a printer to come back to you with a price. Whilst, our customers simply log in to their portal, click on the person they need or enter new details, and away they go. Artwork created and order placed in a matter of minutes. A system like this is perfect for businesses that order a large amount of print, have a high turnover of staff or multiple offices.

If you’d like some more information on our print portals, please feel free to contact us on 01933 698 123 or email us [email protected].

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