Pantone Numbers – How they can help your brand

Pantone Numbers – How they can help your brand

Last month we talked about the Pantone System, a standardised colour reproduction system used by almost every printer to help create specific colours. When you think of large brands, brands that incorporate colour into their identity – it’s more than likely they’ll use a specific set of number to represent those colours. Take for example Ladbrokes – they have a specific ink mixed for their Red, this means – wherever they choose to get their items printed, the Ladbrokes brand is the same. There are still a few limitations with digital print – but even this is becoming rare with the advancement in colour matching systems.

So you can see the power of having a ‘brand colour’ attached to your business. It can also help with costs. Lets say you have a Green in your logo. Without a Pantone colour for this Green – everytime you get this printed – the printer is recreating this from the 4 colours (CMYK) by using a pantone colour you’ve reduced this to 1 colour. So again you can see the benefit in using a Pantone colour in your branding – of course it can work the other way also – if you’re printing an item with a photograph in or something with extra colours, having a Pantone colour in there would mean adding another ink and bringing the inks to 5 (CMYK+Pantone). So it really depends on what you’re print requirements are and what you’re having printed.

I hope this has been of interest, if you’re thinking of replacing a colour in your brand with a Pantone and would like some help – I’ll be more than happy to talk through any queries you have to help make this as easy as possible. Just send me an email. [email protected] or give me a call on 0844 272 9109.

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