Print Management vs Print Companies

Print Management vs Print Companies

While it’s often the case in business that you want to cut out the middle man where you can, it just isn’t the case when you have a lot of expensive machinery that needs to be running constantly! 

The majority of printers know that print management businesses will keep their presses in operation even if they don’t have time to seek the business themselves, clients & customers know that a print management business will take the hassle out of ordering and they’ll be able to offer a better price for the same product. Is this sounding ok?

So why does it makes sense to use a print management business?
A print management business makes sure that you’re getting the most out of your resources – they’ll ask you questions about what you’re printing and why.

Hell… it’s convenient

Tap into the expertise of people who handle print for a living & avoid disappointment. We’re here to advise, that’s 95% of our work day – the 5% is the actual order of print.

The Bottom Line 

Use our purchasing power and experience to reduce your bottom line & get the most out of your resources

A print management firm will work out deals with a range of suppliers work inside profit margins on individual sales in return for a guaranteed stream of income. Rather than having to spend on expanding their sales teams, commercial printers make the calculation that it’s more cost effective to sell their products for less in exchange for the sheer volume of business that a print management firm will generate for them

When a client approaches us with a a quote request we analyse the item & contact the best fit suppliers which suit the job. Any one supplier we contact will know that we’ve put the exact same request to a number of their competitors, but they won’t have any idea who, or how much they’re going to quote. In order to guarantee their income stream, therefore, it’s in their interest to offer the best price they possibly can.

A client’s view
As of March 13th 2012 a google search for ‘online printer’ threw up this information:

It might have taken Google less than half a second to find them all, but how long is it going to take for you to find the best printer for you? A print management company like Blue Star Print Solutions has done all the research already – we know who can be relied upon to keep their promises on turnaround and most importantly quality. On the other side of it – we know who not to use!

Our company exists purely to get the best deal possible for our clients, with a focus on customer service and making the printing process as easy, and as stress-free as possible. We focus on these things because happy customers who receive high-quality products for a reasonable price are more likely to use our services again in the future. Our suppliers specialise in keeping a printing press running, we specialise in building client relationships & finding the best solutions for their printing needs.

When all’s said and done.
You wouldn’t use a hammer to drive a screw, and you wouldn’t MOT your car yourself. Your printing is no different – if you use the right tool for the job you’ll get better results, for a better price, with less hassle. Blue Star Print Solutions is that tool. If you want to get the job done, correctly get in touch.

Think of us as your helping hand

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