Stick it to ’em!

Stick it to ’em!

Printed Labels & Stickers.. why use them in your business?

This week we’re going to have a little look at labels & stickers.
• Why use them in business?
• How can they work for me?
• What options do I have?

That last one is pretty open (there’s LOADS of choice out there) but I’ll be focussing on the most popular.

Why Use Labels & Stickers in Your Business?

Labels and Stickers have many uses in a business. From the standard address labels and box labels to the more wacky ideas.

Address Labels and Box labels still promote your brand, and get seen by more than just your end customer. Use these to enhance the way your brand is seen by all. Care about your packaging and that comes across with the contents as well. But what else can you use stickers for?
• Sealing Product boxes or envelopes
• Using them for social media awareness (come and follow us)
• Promotional Stickers (take them networking meetings or to exhibitions)
• Gift labels (stuck onto gifts for clients/prospects)

How can Labels & Stickers work in My Business?

Everyone can use a label in some way, whether it’s a little message on the bottom of a letterhead that you’ve used as an invoice.. or maybe you’re addressing an envelope and don’t want to use boring plain white labels.

All these items go to re-inforce your brand and have you at the fore-front of your customer’s mind.

What Options do I Have?

There’s a few decisions to make before you order.

  • What are they going to be stuck onto? (this will alter what adhesive is on it)
  • What are they going to be subject to (cold/heat/water etc) again, needed for the material and adhesive.
  • Do you need to print onto them (in which case you need to take into account standard printer paper sizes)
  • What shape would you like (standard shapes are, circular, square or rectangle)
  • What paper would you like to use… Coated paper, uncoated paper, vinyl.. they’re all choices for labels and stickers.

Why not try and use some in your business and see the reaction you get.

If you get stuck or would like to talk about your Printed Label & Stickers needs, just get in touch with us today. 01933 698 123 or [email protected]


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