The History of Business Cards

the history of business cards

Business Card History Usually business cards are an afterthought – something you pick up in your day to day life in business. What if someone was to ask you how they started. Would you be able to answer them? Well take a look below and have a look at the history of how business cards […]

Don’t be a Square

Don't be a Square - Choose a radius corner or corners on your business card

It would seem we have a run on radius corners – or cut business cards this month. We’ve already produced 5 sets of business cards with a radius to one corner & we have one in with a radius to one whole side, so I thought I’d write a little more on the benefits of […]

The BIGGEST revelation in print…

yelling formal man watching news on laptop

it’s not just ink on paper… that certainly got your attention didn’t it? Well it should. I wanted to talk today about the huge separation that exists these days around print. You’ll notice I use the generic term ‘print’ there, I could say Business Card or Brochure but lets face it – there’s no real difference – […]

QR Codes – Quick Overview

barcode cellphone close up coded

• QR Code stands for Quick Response Code, it’s intended to allow it’s contents to be decoded at high speed. • A QR code is a matrix code (or 2-dimensional bard code) created by Japanese corporation Denso Wave in 1994. • The use of the QR code is free of any licence, clearly defined and […]


Laminate is a very thin sheet of clear plastic which is applied to one or both sides of a sheet of paper. It provides protection from handling and prevents ink from smudging or coming off on the hands. Lamination is commonly used on the outer covers of premium brochures, corporate folders & premium business cards. Lamination […]

What Does Your Business Card Say About You?

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I want each of you now to reach into your back pocket – or your bag and pull out your business card.   Take a look at it as if you were handed this at an event by someone else. What are your immediate thoughts? What does it say about you, not just in the […]