What Does Your Business Card Say About You?

What Does Your Business Card Say About You?

I want each of you now to reach into your back pocket – or your bag and pull out your business card.

Take a look at it as if you were handed this at an event by someone else. What are your immediate thoughts? What does it say about you, not just in the text – but in the design and the quality?
If you’re not sure – follow this step by step thought process.
• Whats the paper it’s printed on like? is it thick – does it feel premium, or does it feel a little flimsy and cheap? is it protected with a laminate? 

• Whats the print like? Are the colours sharp and crisp? or is the line up of colours (registration) off? Has it been printed off on a home printer? 

• Now what does it say? Has it got your attention or it a little hard to read? 

• What about the design – does it look personal to the company or is it a generic template? Does it look professionally designed?

• Now how about the size, is it within the standard (85mm x 55mm) or is it slim and long or too big to fit into anyones business card holders?

• This one often gets over looked – are the details all professional? i.e. The address isn’t a PO Box, there’s no sign of a gmail or hotmail address anywhere? It’s so easy nowadays to set up a domain and email address that no-one should be using these for business anymore.

All these items may seem a little bit detailed and over the top – but I guarantee you, you’ll make these observations in seconds when looking at someones card AND you’ll make judgements about their business.

The same can be said for yours. The next time you hand yours out to a potential client – they will be judging your business based on this. This is (most of the time) the first & lasting piece of business marketing that stays with a client when you’ve gone home – YOU NEED to make it stick.

What Does Your Business Card Say About You?

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