Perfect Binding vs PUR Binding

Binding Methods - Perfect Binding vs PUR Binding

PUR vs Perfect Binding I thought we’d quickly go over the difference in glue binding – you’ll hear a couple of options banded around in the binding world. PUR and Perfect Binding. The only real difference between these methods is the glue used. Well here’s a quick overview of what each adhesive is best for […]

Creasing… It’s So Cr’easy’!

If you’ve ever been with me in a room whilst critiquing a piece of print that someone’s had done then no doubt one of the issues you will have seen me pick up on would be the fold of an item!  

Colour Bars, Registration & Trim – What do they mean?

Registration, Colour Bars & Trim Marks

If you’ve ever seen an imposed sheet or a file ready for printing – you will have noticed a few marks in the white space around it. These marks are generally used on the larger sheet that we print on – not on individual files (apart from trim marks). So.. what do they all mean?

Discovering Some Useful Logo Imprint Methods

Promotional Items Imprinting

Have you ever received promotional items before? Or maybe you’re a business marketing officer who’s always in charge of procuring your company’s advertising tools? Whichever category you belong to, it is actually practical to learn some commonly used logo imprint methods which promotional or advertising companies use in customising or personalising marketing items. This will […]

Digital Emboss

Digital Embossing

Digital Embossing Digital Embossing is the new sensation. This fantastic innovation makes print positively three dimensional. From today ‘ordinary printing will simply leave you feeling rather flat. Digital Embossing will make your message infinitely more compelling. It will make your printing no longer just a visual but also a sensual experience.

Such a Creep…

white paper folders with black tie

… If the title had you wondering, then don’t worry – this Blog post is all about a print term called ‘creep’ or push out or shingling or even feathering. If you’re not sure what creep is then i’ll try and explain that first. Imaging you’re printing a stitched brochure – a reasonable amount of […]

Folding & Creasing

Folding and Creasing

Often overlooked – an area of your print job that should always be considered is your finishing. The small details can sometimes make (or break) your printed marketing. Here we’re going to take a quick look at why & when to crease, along with some standard folds. There’s many ways your print can be folded. […]

Fancy a trim?

Guillotine Operator

Trimming is the process of cutting a document down to its finished size. Commerical printing presses cannot print to the very edge of a sheet of paper so in order to achieve this effect, your design is usually printed onto a larger piece of paper. The excess unprinted border is trimmed off after printing using […]


Laminate is a very thin sheet of clear plastic which is applied to one or both sides of a sheet of paper. It provides protection from handling and prevents ink from smudging or coming off on the hands. Lamination is commonly used on the outer covers of premium brochures, corporate folders & premium business cards. Lamination […]