Door Drops Up 3.5%

Direct Mail | Door Drops Up 3.5%

The number of printed door drops increased for the first time in two years in 2012 reflecting a growth in expenditure.

Discovering Some Useful Logo Imprint Methods

Promotional Items Imprinting

Have you ever received promotional items before? Or maybe you’re a business marketing officer who’s always in charge of procuring your company’s advertising tools? Whichever category you belong to, it is actually practical to learn some commonly used logo imprint methods which promotional or advertising companies use in customising or personalising marketing items. This will […]

Print is BIG!

“In the last decade, while the digital marketing space has gotten noisier and considerably less effective, print has enjoyed a renaissance of increased conversion rates and marketing return on investment. Customers actually appreciate getting a nice postcard, well-designed catalogue, or personal thank you note in the mail today.”

Wake Up & Smell the Marketing!

Crimestoppers using micro encapsulation to catch Cannabis growers

From fragrance burst (or scratch n sniff) to scented varnishes. The option to have your marketing literally smelling of roses is closer than you think.

A 32% response rate on Direct Mail – Here’s How!

I’ve just seen a very interesting video about a Canadian Porsche dealership – who with the help of an agency, created a PERSONALISED Direct Mail Piece that gave them a WHOPPING 32% response rate. As you’ll see from the clip – it takes a little bit of hard work (which includes driving a Porsche around!) […]

Nano What? Nanographic Printing or Nanography

Nano what? Nanography™ is the science behind Benny Landa’s revolutionary digital printing technology. Nanographic Printing™ technology combines the performance of offset with the versatility of digital printing and is game-changing for mainstream commercial, packaging and publishing markets. It is expected to ignite a second revolution in print. Nanographic Printing™ Presses print in up to eight colors, operate at […]

Direct Mail

Are you using it to build your business?  One of direct mail’s biggest advantages is its ability to make personal one-to-one contact with your prospect. Other Direct Mail advantages include: Quick to produce – You can prepare and mail a small promotion within days. Direct mail is perfect for quickly testing prices, offers, and potential audiences. […]

Digital Texture Printing

bright whole ripe oranges on wooden table

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could feel your print as well as see it. Well with advances in digital printing – it’s now possible for that exact thing.    Lets say you were printing a picture of an Orange, there’d be no reason why you couldn’t incorporate the texture of an orange peel into your artwork so you […]

The Power of the Printed Word – Newsletters

Printed Newsletters

“The single most effective tool you can use to build PROPER Relationships with your customers.” Nigel Botterill If you currently send out email marketing or similar. Is there anything stopping you having a hard copy of what you send & posting that out as well? You could use the e-marketing to supplement the printed edition & provide even more information to your customers! A printed […]