Perfect Binding vs PUR Binding

Binding Methods - Perfect Binding vs PUR Binding

PUR vs Perfect Binding I thought we’d quickly go over the difference in glue binding – you’ll hear a couple of options banded around in the binding world. PUR and Perfect Binding. The only real difference between these methods is the glue used. Well here’s a quick overview of what each adhesive is best for […]

Creasing… It’s So Cr’easy’!

If you’ve ever been with me in a room whilst critiquing a piece of print that someone’s had done then no doubt one of the issues you will have seen me pick up on would be the fold of an item!  

Colour Bars, Registration & Trim – What do they mean?

Registration, Colour Bars & Trim Marks

If you’ve ever seen an imposed sheet or a file ready for printing – you will have noticed a few marks in the white space around it. These marks are generally used on the larger sheet that we print on – not on individual files (apart from trim marks). So.. what do they all mean?

P.I.Y. Print it Yourself

Print it Yourself

Are you someone that prefers to print items yourself?  Have you started in business and already run off a sheet of business cards on your desktop printer? The last time you needed some flyers – did you run those on the same printer?

Don’t be a Square

Don't be a Square - Choose a radius corner or corners on your business card

It would seem we have a run on radius corners – or cut business cards this month. We’ve already produced 5 sets of business cards with a radius to one corner & we have one in with a radius to one whole side, so I thought I’d write a little more on the benefits of […]

Nano What? Nanographic Printing or Nanography

Nano what? Nanography™ is the science behind Benny Landa’s revolutionary digital printing technology. Nanographic Printing™ technology combines the performance of offset with the versatility of digital printing and is game-changing for mainstream commercial, packaging and publishing markets. It is expected to ignite a second revolution in print. Nanographic Printing™ Presses print in up to eight colors, operate at […]

Monitors – why you shouldn’t trust them!

A Monitor Calbration device on screen and ready

A while back I can remember a story of a customer who had designed their printed item (lets call it a leaflet for the benefit of this piece). The customer wanted to produce the piece themselves at home and send over a print ready file to their printer. A couple of days later the printer […]

New System!

Customer Service Satisfaction

It’s finally here. The launch of our great new system which integrates all our enquiries, estimating, purchase orders, delivery notes & invoices all in one place… “why should we care” I hear you shout…. well this all means we can concentrate harder on provide the exceptional service we love providing you with.

Passing a Job on Press

Passing a job on press

Or Press Passing as it’s known. It’s the method of checking a job while it’s being printed. We do this to ensure tight control to the job in hand – usually only done for large runs or brand specific/complicated pieces, either ourselves or the customer would check the following things.