What Wikipedia can’t tell you about Business Sabotage!

House Builder Sabotaged by their own staff!

Last week my wife, my son & I were in a certain house developers sales office enquiring about new houses and the development in general. I won’t mention which developer it was but here’s the situation we found ourselves in…

Christmas Marketing Ideas to Get Stuck Into Today

Christmas Marketing

Christmas is coming! And as you many be aware, Christmas is the busiest time of year for both ecommerce and eLearning. Consumers will be spending more on money on food, drink and presents. Many will also be spending more on digital based training, eBooks and training video – simly because of the growth in tablet […]

Why Your Competitors are Also Your Friends

Keeping An Eye On The Competition

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a start-up, a micro business or an established business, you must always keep a close eye on your competitors, writes Alasdair Inglis of small business marketing experts Grow. A fundamental rule of all business is that you must not reinvent the wheel. By keeping a close eye on your competitors […]

A 32% response rate on Direct Mail – Here’s How!

I’ve just seen a very interesting video about a Canadian Porsche dealership – who with the help of an agency, created a PERSONALISED Direct Mail Piece that gave them a WHOPPING 32% response rate. As you’ll see from the clip – it takes a little bit of hard work (which includes driving a Porsche around!) […]

Customer Spotlight – M Weatherley & Son

M Weatherley & Sons

This month we’re taking a look at Northampton based M Weatherley & Son. M. Weatherley & Sons are a small, family run firm with over 40 years experience providing high quality work for customers. Their aim is to provide you with the type of service that they’d be delighted with in their own homes. Their team […]

Passing a Job on Press

Passing a job on press

Or Press Passing as it’s known. It’s the method of checking a job while it’s being printed. We do this to ensure tight control to the job in hand – usually only done for large runs or brand specific/complicated pieces, either ourselves or the customer would check the following things.


Are you socialising in business yet? How about your tweeting or posting to Facebook? What about videos…? These social media markets are expanding rapidly – and as they expand they’re being picked up by bigger companies on the interaction of people. Take for example Google – who changed their algorithms to incoporate video feeds and social […]

Customer Spotlight – Jo Blackwell Photography

This month we’re taking a look at Jo Blackwell Photography.Based in Northampton, Jo Blackwell is a storyteller. If you will allow her at some stage it would be an honour for her to tell your story in beautiful, contemporary portraiture and fun, candid imagery that can be cherished for generations. Whether it’s Weddings, Children or […]

Print Management vs Print Companies

While it’s often the case in business that you want to cut out the middle man where you can, it just isn’t the case when you have a lot of expensive machinery that needs to be running constantly!  The majority of printers know that print management businesses will keep their presses in operation even if […]

Customer Spotlight – Fong Spa

This month we’re taking a look at Fong Day Spa in Northampton. Owned and run by Yin Jeune, Fong Spa is a haven of retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Your health and wellbeing is at the heart of Fong Spa and their aim is to ensure every client always feels welcome and special. Fong […]