Glastonbury Free Press First Issue

purple fireworks effect

2013’s Glastonbury saw the release of their first on-site newspaper ‘The Glastonbury Free Press’. It was the local newspaper for the Festival, printed on site using vintage letterpress technology.

Augmented Reality – How you can use it in your printed brochures?

Augmented Reality App

A great new market is opening up in the form of Augmented Reality. Most people will be familiar with the Moonpig advert on TV for their video cards. The principle is the same – but augmented can take it a little further – by bringing up (in some cases) the whole Hollywood Mountain right on […]

Door Drops Up 3.5%

Direct Mail | Door Drops Up 3.5%

The number of printed door drops increased for the first time in two years in 2012 reflecting a growth in expenditure.

Print is BIG!

“In the last decade, while the digital marketing space has gotten noisier and considerably less effective, print has enjoyed a renaissance of increased conversion rates and marketing return on investment. Customers actually appreciate getting a nice postcard, well-designed catalogue, or personal thank you note in the mail today.”

Wake Up & Smell the Marketing!

Crimestoppers using micro encapsulation to catch Cannabis growers

From fragrance burst (or scratch n sniff) to scented varnishes. The option to have your marketing literally smelling of roses is closer than you think.

Christmas Marketing Ideas to Get Stuck Into Today

Christmas Marketing

Christmas is coming! And as you many be aware, Christmas is the busiest time of year for both ecommerce and eLearning. Consumers will be spending more on money on food, drink and presents. Many will also be spending more on digital based training, eBooks and training video – simly because of the growth in tablet […]