Monitors – why you shouldn’t trust them!

A while back I can remember a story of a customer who had designed their printed item (lets call it a leaflet for the benefit of this piece). The customer wanted to produce the piece themselves at home and send over a print ready file to their printer. A couple of days later the printer […]


Pantone plus 366

On Thursday 26th April, Pantone, the global authority on color announced the addition of 336 new shades to the Pantone Plus Series, bringing the grand total to 1,677 colors.


This one always seems to have the last thought when producing print. It’s most likely down to the computers we work on as to why it’s sometimes forgetton. Resolution is a very important part of printing and without a hi res image or text sometimes your item will look pixelated or fuzzy.Resolution is usually measured […]

Colour me Good!

color text

Colours are extremely important when you’re thinking of designing your printed items. Here we’ll look at a few colours.. what they mean and help you choose what’s best for you. Red If people are able to see energy, they’d probably see red. Red is the colour associated with activity, passion, romance, and adventure. This color […]

Such a Creep…

white paper folders with black tie

… If the title had you wondering, then don’t worry – this Blog post is all about a print term called ‘creep’ or push out or shingling or even feathering. If you’re not sure what creep is then i’ll try and explain that first. Imaging you’re printing a stitched brochure – a reasonable amount of […]

QR Codes – Quick Overview

barcode cellphone close up coded

• QR Code stands for Quick Response Code, it’s intended to allow it’s contents to be decoded at high speed. • A QR code is a matrix code (or 2-dimensional bard code) created by Japanese corporation Denso Wave in 1994. • The use of the QR code is free of any licence, clearly defined and […]

Full-Colour Printing (CMYK)

You may be surprised to find out that when any photos or pictures are commercially printed they’re printed out of 4 inks. CMYK. C for Cyan M for Magenta Y for Yellow K for Key or Black CMYK is the standard print terms for professional print, most of the time it’s referred to just as four […]

Folding & Creasing

Folding and Creasing

Often overlooked – an area of your print job that should always be considered is your finishing. The small details can sometimes make (or break) your printed marketing. Here we’re going to take a quick look at why & when to crease, along with some standard folds. There’s many ways your print can be folded. […]

Fancy a trim?

Guillotine Operator

Trimming is the process of cutting a document down to its finished size. Commerical printing presses cannot print to the very edge of a sheet of paper so in order to achieve this effect, your design is usually printed onto a larger piece of paper. The excess unprinted border is trimmed off after printing using […]

What Does Your Business Card Say About You?

close up of hand holding text over black background

I want each of you now to reach into your back pocket – or your bag and pull out your business card.   Take a look at it as if you were handed this at an event by someone else. What are your immediate thoughts? What does it say about you, not just in the […]